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What is “How Are You Today?”

“How Are You Today?” is a program for any citizen within the city limits of the City of Stephenville who is 62 years of age or older or those citizens who have a disability and live by themselves. The program is designed to perform a daily “check-in” to make sure subscribers are ok, and get them help if they are not. It allows the user the freedom to live their lives, but yet know that someone is watching out for them.

"How does “How Are You Today?” work?

“How Are You Today?” is a computer based auto-dialing program controlled solely by the police department and is not used for any other purpose. Users of the system are asked to fill out an information data sheet with emergency contacts, doctors, relatives and any other information we may need to provide assistance.

Users of the program may select a time the computer will call the telephone number provided to the Stephenville Police Dept. Users can also choose the time and frequency the computer will call, and they will hear a pre-recorded message. Users will be asked if they are OK, or if they are in need of assistance, and by using the touch tone numbers as a response, can let someone know their status. If the call is answered but no response is provided, the computer will notify the dispatcher after three attempts to achieve a response. The dispatcher will then attempt to contact the user to verify if the user is OK. If the user does not respond when the dispatcher calls, officers will be sent to check on the user.

Users are asked to provide a key to the residence to allow officers to enter if the user is unable to respond. These keys are kept in a secure location and will not be used for any other purpose.

How much does “How Are You Today?” cost?

“How Are You Today?” is a free service offered to residents of the City of Stephenville.

How Are You Today Application

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